Hello Bangle My Old Friend

Hello Bangle My Old Friend

Bangles are the popular jewelry choice for teenagers, right? Well, no. They are a popular fashion statements of choice for an outfit, no matter what age you are. The main difference in bangles is the materials used and the designs placed upon them. For teenagers and preteens, the popular choices are usually heavy plastics that come in bold colors and/or patterns. Some of them even have adornments of rhinestones covering them. These can be found at most popular jewelry shops aimed at this demographic, such as Claire’s. They are relatively inexpensive and they allow the teenage girl the chance to express her personality through her choices of those bold colors and patterns.

For the young adults to the mature ones, the choices in bangle selection usually grows from those big, chunky plastics ones to those made of high-quality metals, such as gold and silver. They can come in different variations of these metals as far as color as well as have their own ornamentation of diamond chips or other gemstones to make the bangle sparkle or a focal piece for an entire ensemble. If the metals aren’t a suitable option, then there are those made out of woods that are then stained and/or painted for those with a more bohemian or natural lifestyle.

The great things about bangles is their ability to be worn individually or part of a stack of them around your wrist. Mixing and matching the colors is a fun, and even relaxing, pastime for someone who enjoys wearing bangles stacked together because then they can further coordinate their bangle choices with the outfit they plan on wearing that day, setting it off with the conversation piece of stacked bangles. With the many choices from which to decide, there are also bangles made specifically for special occasions in some cultures, such as those found in south Asia. In some of these regions, glass bangles are made for brides to wear at their wedding, celebrating the happy occasion until the last one breaks.

So, whatever style of bangle fits your lifestyle, there are options for each and every woman, no matter her age, that makes owning bangles an essential part of her wardrobe.